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You are a nonprofit organization dedicated to making a difference. You are driven by the impact and positive outcomes that benefit others.

The problem is…

You have great ideas and plans to grow your new or existing nonprofit, but you don’t know where to start.

You want to create your next strategic plan, but you don’t have the bandwidth or the in-house expertise.

You are looking for new ways to engage your stakeholders, but you need help to design the best approach.

With the expectation on nonprofits to do increasingly more with limited resources, you need to set a strategy and develop clear objectives and metrics to ensure that your efforts are focused and well resourced.

Your mission is important

Let’s create a strategy to move it forward!

Gain clarity, focus and direction, so you can fulfill your mission.

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Set your direction

Focused, inclusive and collaborative strategic planning to achieve your mission and vision

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Impact a wider group

Grow your programs and services

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Communicate who you are and what you do

Create or revise your vision, mission and values and build stakeholder alignment


Meet your stakeholders' expectations

Stakeholder outreach and engagement plans that are inclusive and engage diverse voices

Nonprofit leaders have multiple mandates, stakeholders and deliverables and can’t afford to lose sight of their mission.

Here’s how I can help.

I’m Lori Stanley

As a former nonprofit leader, I know the complexities and challenges of your world.

I know what it feels like to have so many projects, visions and ideas, and how frustrating it is not to have enough time or resources to make them happen.

You know you need to be strategic and turn your vision and ideas into a reality, but there are obstacles.

You are not alone


As a nonprofit consultant with 20+ years in the nonprofit sector, I can support you to set a clear vision of where you’re going and help you make a plan for how to get there. I can help you achieve strategic clarity so that you can meet your objectives and focus on your mission.

What clients are saying

“There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.”

“Thank you for making us feel welcome to share our thoughts and vision.”

“You helped us realize our new strategic plan, one block at a time.”

“We appreciate your flexibility, patience, and inspiration.”

My Services

Strategize  Achieve  Grow


Strategic Planning and Implementation

Build Your Strategy


Growth Strategy for NonProfits

Deepen Your impact

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Stakeholder Analysis AND Engagement

Build Strong Relationships

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Mission, Vision and Values Development

Set Your Destination


Lori and her colleague Rasheeda guided our nonprofit organizations to develop a financial empowerment collaborative. Their leadership helped us to clarify our thinking, define our vision and the [take] steps necessary to create our collaborative. Lori and Rasheeda kept us focused and took complex work and broke it down into manageable steps so we could move forward. They engaged key stakeholders to identify the core requirements and critical success factors for collaboration.

As a result, we have a shared vision, our principles of agreement to work and make decisions together, a strategy, and we can build the infrastructure for our collaborative. More importantly, we can expand our community reach and scale our services to support more people in need of financial empowerment.

Maureen Fair, Executive Director, West Neighbourhood House | Lee Soda, Executive Director, Agincourt Community Services Association | Stephen Vanderherberg Vice President, Community Programs, Greenwood Community Services  
Maureen Fair, Executive Director, West Neighbourhood House | Lee Soda, Executive Director, Agincourt Community Services Association | Stephen Vanderherberg Vice President, Community Programs, Greenwood Community Services

We engaged with Lori to guide our strategic planning process. We knew we wanted an agile, updated [and] equity-focused plan that truly reflected the voices of service users and community. Lori skillfully planned and facilitated feedback sessions and focus groups, led our steering committee through some challenging and meaningful planning and discussions, and solidified our goal setting with us while ensuring those voices were heard and incorporated into our plan. She adapted quickly to understand our unique organization and community and to help us prioritize and articulate the work we need to do in the coming years. We’re confident that the work Lori has done with us provides a workable and purpose-driven strategy.

Kathy Davis, Executive Director - RenfrewCounty Family and Children’s Services
Kathy Davis, Executive Director

Lori supported us to create our strategic plan for 2023-2025. She created a safe, welcoming space for our planning committee to innovate and focus on what’s important to move our planning process forward. Our committee members were impressed by her facilitation skills, including her ability to help us clarify our thinking and be creative. Lori brings positive energy and momentum to the process. She was able to effectively engage our stakeholders and delivered our final strategic plan in a timely manner. We look forward to working with her again.

Monica Prymack, Executive Director - Madawaska Valley Association for Community Living
Monica  Prymack, Executive Director

Lori demonstrates exceptional listening skills, providing a supportive environment for open dialogue and expressing thoughts and ideas. I deeply appreciate her recognizing the emotional dimension inherent in an organizational review process, creating a space for vulnerability. As a representative of numerous underrepresented communities, I commend Lori for her inclusive approach, ensuring that everyone involved in the process is included and valued.

Wessam Ayad, Manager EDI,  Learning & Development at KEYS
Wessam Ayad, Manager EDI,

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We work together

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